Sunday, August 2, 2015

Small Bump = Unhealthy Pregnancy

People need to know that one's bump size does not determine the size of the baby. You can have a giant bump but still give birth to a small baby (because it could be you have more amniotic fluid). Also, even if you have gained a lot of weight, if does not mean your baby absorbed it all too. Some people can gain a lot but still have a normal average size baby. I even know of people who gained very little but their babies were considered bigger than average! 

Im getting people asking me if I'm eating enough for my baby and why my bump is smaller this time round. I know you're worried but really, there's nothing to worry about and you cannot judge someone's pregnancy just by how much weight they have gained or how big their bump is.

Knowing that I am not one who believes in starving myself to lose weight, it is highly unlikely I'll starve during pregnancy either. To me, eating is one of the things I enjoy most and I never deprive myself of food. Even when I'm trying to lose weight, I will still eat...just healthier choices and exercise more to be able to achieve my ideal goal. Because I am always eating, I have a really good metabolic rate and I am thankful for that that's why I always tell people to never go on crash diets because that's all temporary. So now that I'm pregnant, it's even crazier because I have every reason to eat and gain weight without feeling guilty! As someone who loves food so much, it is definitely one of my favourite perks of being preggers...haha.

So why is your bump so small this time round? Shouldn't your bump be bigger during the 2nd pregnancy? 

Well I personally don't think it's that small anymore and one shouldn't judge from pictures because many of the clothes I wear don't show the real size of it. And also, it didn't show earlier than the first because before I got pregnant with number 2, I had managed to train them muscles and got pretty toned tummy.  

People who think I'm dieting and caring more about looks than my baby's health should think twice man. You have not seen how I eat...and merely judging from the pictures I post...which are from only one angle, and I'd try to post the most flattering one which makes me look slimmer as most of it are ads for clients selling non-maternity clothes. Btw I have gained a massive amount of weight, which shocked my doc as I only took a month to put on so much! Like my previous pregnancy with Elroy, I have already gained 10kg at Week 24. Which is considered a lot but well, I guess that's just me when pregnant!! My 1st pregnancy I gained 20kg in all so I'm expecting to gain around the same, or maybe 15kg since they say you gain lesser when you have a girl (aiya got many "they says" during pregnancy one haha)? 

If I choose to have a baby, I want a healthy baby. I won't do anything to increase the risk of not having a healthy baby. 

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Single Parents in Singapore

So sorry but I actually didn't really read the original article before writing this (usually get news from friends) but after reading it I sorta understand it better. This was written when someone sent me the one from the "anti government" website which is slightly biased. So yes, pretty much aware of the "real" situation after several ppl sent me the original article from non-biased websites.

"In an interview with government-controlled media Channel News Asia, Minister for Social and Family Development (MSF) Tan Chuan Jin said that the ruling PAP Government will still not support equal rights for single parents because it is not the “norm”"

"Going by Minister Tan Chuan Jin’s logic, it appears giving these single parents equal rights will result in an increase in the number of single parents and that married couples become single parents out of choice and not circumstances."

It's so stupid because not all Single Parents want to be Single Parents by choice. Yes, some people do choose to lead that lifestyle because going through an abortion does seem cruel and some women do feel strong and are capable enough to do so. But many don't...and many times it's because the Father of the child isn't a good person. So these women have to live with a cheating husband or an abusive guy for the rest of her life just so she can enjoy the benefits from the government? If father of the child has another woman outside, the mother has to marry him just so she can have a "normal" family? You'd say, then why they even had a child in the first place. Well, people can change overnight and ya, accidents do happen. Everyone wants a perfect family, who would choose not to have one if they could? Also, some guys just refuse to be responsible for the life they created, how about the government force these men to be responsible since they wanna "force" marriage like that? It's always the woman's fault but hey, it takes 2 hands to clap? Whether Single or Married, the responsibility to raise a child is the same...a parent is a parent. In fact, it is two times tougher on a single parent! Single parents aren't even asking for more benefits...just EQUAL benefits. After all, everyone is paying taxes too.

For myself, thankfully I have great family support and because my partner and I have plans, this "status" won't be for long. So this complain post isn't about me but for those other mummies out there. It is not the same for everyone... I have met so many single moms who really struggle. They struggle to find time to look after their child because they have to work full time (some even work 2 Jobs) to pay the bills and also struggle to find a roof over their head because single parents cannot purchase a HDB (until they reach 35). Most of the time thanks to their irresponsible partners who abandoned them. Still, they chose to keep the child because they really cannot bear to go through an abortion. Especially those who discover their pregnancy at a later stage, when you see the ultrasound scan of a fully formed baby, you have the heart to abort meh?? Also met one whom partner passed away the week they were going to tie the knot and shortly after found out she was 5 weeks pregnant. Some things are really not by choice. Hopefully one day the government would be a little more sympathetic and give single parents the same benefits because it really isn't easy raising a child on their own at all. I'm not anti PAP and do wish they continue running the country as they've been doing a great job so far and am not sure if the opposition can do better but there are little things like that I wish would change. Why should the parent be punished for choosing the brave step to raise a child? It is just so sad these parents get condemned for their bravery.