Thursday, March 26, 2015

Being able to write for a spa company i have been going to for such a long time is such an honour! I've mentioned before that i really like visiting because i personally think it's one of the more affordable spa places and also it is opened 24 hours!

A lot of my friends were like "how come you like it so much and why do you spend so many hours there all the time?". Well..

Here's what i do at

Change into the robe which is in the locker and lock up my belongings

Don't worry, you need not bring your own bikini, provides you with disposable bra and panties in the locker (i only wore my own as this is an ad).

I'll go into the hot pool for 30 min.

After the hot pool i'll use the steam room for 30 min.

Then i'll sit around for about 5 min to cool down a bit before i take a shower.

After my shower, i will enjoy a 90 min Full Body Massage (my favourite is the Gateway to Vitality). So far the masseurs that massage me are all very experienced and good!

After my massage, i will have my lunch or dinner (meals are served till 10pm only but don't worry, after 10pm you can still order simple food like toast, instant noodles, porridge or eat bao).

The food won't disappoint! It's really yummy AND THE BEST PART IS...IT IS FREE! You can order as much as you want!

After a full meal, i will go to the entertainment area to watch a movie. There's a wide variety of Movies to choose from!

And that is how i spend 3-5 hours at everytime i visit. Hehe.

To be treated to a spa is great gift for EVERYONE. Plus at, you can go at any time of the day as they are open 24/7!!

Gift/Treatment vouchers are available so if you are wondering what to gift your parents, spouses, friends...etc, a voucherwould be a great idea!

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Quote TAMMYTAY when you make a booking via email (email to with your name, contact and booking date and time) and get 15% off main treatment. 
Not valid in conjunction with other promotions or packages. 
Discount code is valid till 30th April 2015.

102 Guillemard Road, #02-02, Singapore 399719

Thank you for always pampering me and helping me feel rejuvenated!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Short Update

It's Day 5 in Perth and it's been pretty amazing! Although I REEEEALLY miss Elroy and can't wait to go back to Singapore at the same time. I am loving how laid back everyone is and it's really a good break from the stress and drama back home. :) thankful to be able to experience life in Perth and can't wait to share my journey with you guys! I'll try to edit pictures quickly so the post can go up soon! 

Oh and yes, I do feel the sadness of LKY's passing. I teared so much reading articles and watching videos on him since yesterday. He is really one very powerful and respectable man. Who else can say they sacrificed their life for their country? He is the reason why I love Singapore so much. I can't think of a better place to raise my child in - safe environment with great educational system. Thank you for everything, Sir! I believe you're in a better place now with no more stress and pain. RIP Lee Kuan Yew. You will always be remembered for all the good you have done for Singapore and your legacy will live on forever. 

"His vision to build a prosperous, meritocratic and multiracial Singapore defied expectations. When others doubted our chances of survival, he strove for excellence. Today, much that defines Singapore bears his influence: security and the rule of law, our cultural diversity and our economic progress, our public housing and our gardens. Without Mr Lee’s strong leadership and immense contributions, the Singapore that we know today would not have existed."

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