Friday, April 22, 2016

Tattoo Removal 5

I have received TONS of emails regarding my tattoo removal progress...

It has been an extremely long and torturous journey and it could've been shorter if i just went for the treatments every month but i really dreaded the pain...

To date, i have 9 sessions in all done at 2 places, namely, Trinity Medical Centre and National Skin Centre.

Currently, most of the black have lightened however the colors are VERY stubborn and difficult to get rid of. :(

So here are some pictures of it after 9 sessions (mostly targeting the black ink - 6 sessions)

And here's the before picture for comparison...

All i can say is, if you regret a tattoo, laser removal is not going to be as easy as you think...especially if it is a colorful tattoo. I have friends who had no problem with black tattoos! So yeah, if your is all black it should be quite easy! But still, removal is not going to be 100% clear!

I will be going for Session 10 next week, after session 10, 90% of the black ink should be gone! Then i'll be left with the colorful ink. Not too sure how many sessions ill need but I'm already half way there so...hanging on and staying positive! Not expecting it to be extremely clear but ill be happy if a little bit of foundation + concealer can cover it, it's all good for me.

Details of the clinics i go to...

National Skin Centre
Address: 1 Mandalay Road Singapore 308205
Phone: 6253 4455

Trinity Medical Centre
(Dr Lim)
Address: 87, Marine Parade Central
#02-500A, Singapore 440087

It's Alive Again!

A little update...

I've really enjoyed the change in lifestyle SO MUCH and AM SO GLAD I actually decided to take the big step out of my comfort zone and started work in a new industry. I cannot be more glad because I feel like I finally got out of a "toxic" lifestyle (am I using the right word? Idk lol but I think y'all should get what I mean) and really feel brand new. Like I no longer enjoy gossiping and bitching as much, I can't be bothered about how much this or that person is growing in numbers, I don't feel any pressure if I don't post pictures on Instagram, or the number of likes i get on a picture, I find it easier to make friends too. Aiyo so many things I've realized In this time which I never noticed when I was so into social media. Wah wah...haha. No but really in all seriousness, I really feel that life is a lot more fulfilling now with new goals ahead. :) 

However, I do still have a hobby...of trying new stuff all the time. Shopping makes me happy! Coming across cool and interesting stuff or good products make me happy. Instagram is not really a good place for my beauty recommendations because the post is so small and when I share my favourites it seems to not get as much "attention" yknow? Haha. And when something is awesome and good, I WANT MORE TO KNOW! Am I just siao? Like why do I bother if people know or not right? Haha but I'm really like that in real life too. When something is great I can just keep going on and on and on and I have to tell all my friends. I received so many emails and Instagram messages and most people ask the same questions too. I try my best to reply them all but sometimes I get so sick of answering the same things over and over again yknow? So with a blog I guess I can just answer them all. For those who asked about my tattoo removal update, scroll up! I won't really have much "personal problems" posts nor will I have much updates on my children and disclose the school they are in etc though. That's probably gonna make this space less interesting than the past but that's fine by me because I am not so concerned about numbers.

So yup, I finally decided to actually open up my blog to share it over here. Wait before you laugh and say "I knew this would happen", well I REALLY do not want to be blogging full time and be back in the game, I REALLY DONT!!! I just really enjoy reviewing stuff and sharing about it and well, just helping you guys out a lil la (wah sound so angelic haha). I still want to maintain and lead the lifestyle I've been leading very happily the past few months (enjoying privacy and instead of being obsessed about capturing every moment on camera just to share with y'all, I've learnt to actually enjoy things for myself). The stuff I review and share are mostly bought by me or sent to me to review (which I don't have to if I don't want to). And also for my very kind sponsors who offer great services, they too deserve more elaborate posts on the treatments and if they have promotions or need help with spreading the word. Also going to share tips and tricks and what helped me with my post pregnancy bod. 

So yes, is going to be a LITTLE bit more active again. One thing though, I'm not committed to it full time, the hits I get are not as important as before because I have a new full time job now and I am not making a living from blogging anymore (unlike in the past). Since I am not hard up for the numbers, don't really give a damn if it's a big drop from the past, I simply just want a space to share. It will probably 1-2 posts a month...Haha. 

Now let me find some time to gather the products I've shared on IG the past few months into 1 post ~ see you then!