Sunday, September 28, 2014

Bump to Mum

Have you checked out my Bump to Mum videos?

This 2nd episode captured an extremely beautiful moment in my life...seeing and touching Baby Elroy for the first time.

If you haven't watched the first episode of Bump to Mum, here you go...

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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Hungry Monster

I thought I was eating a lot during my pregnancy and would stop after I've given birth because "eating for 2" would no longer apply. Well... after giving birth, I AM WORSE?!?! I am hungry ALL THE TIME. It really is true that breastfeeding makes you hungry. VERY HUNGRY. I have like 6 meals a day and all the meals are all full of carbs. For breakfast this morning at 8am just now, I just had half a long baguette + sugar & butter, an apple, a raisin bun, a bowl of cornflakes and a cup of milo and now, I feel like I haven't eaten - it is only 9.45am and still a long way to lunch. :'(

But my nanny said she thinks I should have managed to lose at least 5kg now cus she said I look much slimmer than the day I was discharged. So happy to hear that! If it's true, it's really effortless and must be the beastfeeding! To be able to eat so much and still lose weight is A DREAM COME TRUE.

Maybe I should go weigh myself today! Kinda curious after she told me that. Hehe. Must not be obsessed w my weight since it shouldn't be a priority at the moment though. Need to Breast Feed baby boy.

This morning I think Elroy's jaundice got worse. He looks rly yellow and "dark". Time to leave him under the sun for 10min. Please get better!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Birth Registation

Baby Elroy is 1 week old today! Can't believe how fast 1 week passed?! Feels like i gave birth only just yesterday haha. Sometimes i still think there's a baby in my belly? Lol! I would unknowingly place my hand on my belly and rub and then realized it's just soft flabby skin now. Also, when i lie on my back to sleep at night (which i haven't done so for 5 months) i feel weird cus now i can do it again. Also when i lie down, there's no more crazy kicks and punches happening inside.

Got the Birth Certificate done at ICA and am so happy it was so fast and there was no queue. Oh a few have asked if i put daddy's name in the Birth Cert. Yes, you can register birth registration without marriage certificate and have both the Father and Mother's name on the Birth Cert. Both parents have to be present. You can only do it at ICA and they will make you take an oath in front of the officer. Surname would follow Daddy's. Pretty simple process, nothing complicated.

Regarding excess breast milk supply, if you are facing that issue, do donate your milk to babies in need at

Today we are bringing Elroy to the paediatrician for a check up. Praying his jaundice got better! He also has super sensitive skin, hopefully it is getting better too. 

Oh and some have been asking who my Gynae is. I see Dr Paul Tseng at TLC Gynaecology Practice (Clinic) AT Thomson Medical Centre. I went to the clinic wanting to see another doctor at first but then she was not in when i went down so i decided to just see Dr Paul Tseng. Am so glad that happened! Very nice guy andons of great reviews on him on lotsa forums. My appointments with him are pretty straight forward and quick. He isn't the talkative kind. Oh and funny story, I met my Doula Angelyn (ParentLink) months after. When she asked me who my gynae was and when i told her, she was so happy! He was also the Dr who delivered her child and she has quite a number of clients who see him too. What a small world right?! I also mentioned before in a few posts, he is one doctor who is super duper pro natural. If you do want to give birth naturally, i highly recommend him! Definitely going back to him if i have another child.

Dr Paul Tseng
339 Thomson Road #03-02
Thomson Medical Centre
Singapore 307677
Tel: 6254 2878

Baby Paediatrician
Ang Ai Tin
Thomson Paediatric Centre
339 Thomson Road, #03-06
Thomson Medical Centre
Singapore 307677
Tel: 6258 3353

Doula (ParentLink Singapore)
32 Robin Close
Singapore 258311
Tel: +65 9008 6556

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Post-Partum (Week 1)

I can't sleep! What's happening?!?! Haven't had over 3 hour sleep for the past 5 days. I'm still feeling ok actually. Like Not THAAAAT tired? Weird. I am having a massive headache now though! Could be because I washed my hair. I couldn't take it! The oiliness was driving me nuts. I also took a nice herbal bath. Much needed after 5 days. 5 days without washing my hair is like whoaaaa. However, I'm really wondering if I made a mistake by breaking the confinement rule of washing my hair....cus the headache doesn't seem to be going away. *worried* My body especially my neck is all achy too. 

Baby Elroy has to sleep in this special light bed as he has jaundice. We are going for a Check Up on Friday and hopefully it got better.

Gonna go out for a lil while to get Baby Elroy's birth cert done! A bit afraid to go out for long hours because of my boobies leakage. And also the uncomfy feeling of a boob full of milk. Hopefully it'll be a speedy process.

Saw this somewhere and after giving birth and being a mom, I completely agree!
"I look at postpartum as a time when moms and their new babies spend three weeks cuddled up getting to know each other," she says, "not a time to see how fast they can get themselves back into the gym or the real world."

Now that I've given birth and am a mummy, getting my figure back is the least of my concerns. I refuse to weigh myself right now!! I gained 18kg this pregnancy, baby is 3.46kg which means Im probably around 14kg above pre-preg weight. Which is weird because when I was pregnant, I was googling so much on how to lose weight and I was so worried about all the weight I've gained. But now I'm just like, super ok with my ugly tummy and fat thighs after seeing my healthy baby boy. It is pretty sad to look at how my body has transformed but losing weight can wait. I want to eat well and have a good supply of milk for Elroy. I also became more health conscious. I even made the switch to brown rice cus I want to be healthier. I was never really a healthy eater and this change is shocking to me. Hopefully, I might drop some pounds from breastfeeding since it burns around 500 calories/day? But then again, my confinement nanny is such an excellent cook. I will finish up whatever she cooks for me. I've read stories of how mummies lose weight effortlessly through breastfeeding even when they eat a lot. I also hope that will be the case for me!!!

Bath Time! Cute lil froggy hehe

Every time I would stare at Elroy and be like, "I can't believe I gave birth to you". I love how quiet he has been at home so far! Only cries when he is hungry which is every 2-3 hours. Pretty easy to handle! Hope it stays this way. He is so so adorable yknow! It is true when they say every mother would think their baby is the cutest. Haha. In love with his fat cheeks, tiny hands and super ultra soft feet. My doula dropped by today and said his feet are one of the softest on a baby. Hehe.

Im thankful my nanny is here so things are easier for me. In fact, super easy because she doesn't let me do anything. I love her already! Wish she could stay for a very very long time. She is super good at everything! And I am amazed at how much energy she has despite not sleeping for long hours. Such a tough job! She definitely deserves a big big pay check at the end of the month :) 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Breastfeeding Mummies

(If you are a guy, I suggest you not read this post!)

WALAU? Like that also Stomp? Got so desperate for the $50 voucher meh.

Anyway, I don't see what's wrong with sharing that I've an oversupply. It is true and I am convinced it's awesome because the nurses were rly shocked but happy for me. I like to share my journey as a new mom and my experiences. I am a new BFing mummy! I don't think ppl would understand till they start BFing - Being able to provide more than enough for my baby (and also in time to come, helping other babies) is something I should be happy about.

Oh and then the Breastfeeding Mums FB page had a discussion and I can't believe some people think I'm "bragging" and being "insensitive" when I blogged about how much I could pump. Some even doubt it's possible. Seriouslyyyyy? :/ why do you see someone in such a negative light!?! Can't we be happy for each other since we are all proud Breastfeeding mummies? We are all made differently and how much each of us can produce is different. Obviously mine is quite rare but it's true and it's possible. Why would I wanna make something like that up to show off? I just wanted to share......don't see what's wrong w that, really. And if u are still in doubt and need picture of my milk as evidence pls refer to a tweet I posted ytd. Can't believe I have to resort to doing that but I hate being called a liar.

My nanny suggested I give it away to mummies who need it or donate my milk to the hospital and I will!! Have already started to pump and store and freeze. Will do so for the next few months and see how much I can accumulate. To be able to help those who can't produce enough will also be a wonderful feeling. 

Oh and having an oversupply is good for baby but not exactly great for mummy. I'm always leaking and soaking up my breast pads. No matter how much I pump, I just can't seem to stop leaking. My boobies are extremely sore and hard all the time and it really really hurts. Oh and I went up from a C to now probably an E/F cup...filled with so much milk it's so heavy. It is not easy!!!


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Monday, September 22, 2014

Bye Hospital!

Day 3 of being a Mom

Baby is in the nursery now because i wanted to get a good 3 hour sleep just now. Which I did and am so so glad. I feel energetic now! Getting 3 hours of sleep for new moms is like getting 8 hours of sleep for normal people. My eye bags are surely going to get worse and my complexion too. :'( 

It is 7am now...3 more hours to Check Out!

Today we head back home from the hospital. Which I kept calling a Hotel. LOL. That goes to show how much I enjoyed my stay at Thomson Medical Centre. My room is the Premier Suite (Newton). Im not sure if it's as comfy and awesome in the other rooms but my experience with the nurses sure was wonderful. 

I really enjoyed the food! Very very yummy. I was never hungry cus they served me Breakfast, Lunch, Tea Break, Dinner, Supper - and i always finished it all cus Breastfeeding sure made me a hungry monster! 

Here are some picx of how my Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner looked like....


I also discovered I have a hidden talent. I must've been a cow in my past life. My breast milk supply came in quick (some more I delivered via C Section), by only the second day, I could express 150ml from one breast in around 30min? I had such an amazing and good supply of milk. Plus, it was yellow (better than white) + opaque which was "the best" milk according to the lactation expert and nurses. All the nurses who came in to check on me were like "I've never seen someone with so much milk before! You can already start to donate! ". It made me feel like a proud mama seeing how amazed they were and going "Your baby is so lucky!!!". I'm sure I'm a topic discussed in the nurses' room lol! My jugs are humongous though. It probably went up to an F. Pretty sick! 

I think I have Hyperlactation, oversupply of milk. I am feeling engorged and full all the time. Even after feeding. So I have to pump or I'll be in pain. Oversupply is actually a problem. Just not as common as people who can't produce enough milk. It can get pretty bad as I read about it online but the lactation consultant told me to just monitor myself first. This is super good for my baby though, he has more food!!! And hopefully his jaundice would go away. The more he pees and poops, the faster jaundice will go away.

Wonder how baby will be like when he goes home later! So glad the nanny I engaged could make it today so I have someone at home to look after both baby & i. I hope she is a good cook! The hospital has been feeding me so well and I hope I can still enjoy the food at home as much. I also hope to be able to take more afternoon naps and start "recovering". My bf nagged at me yesterday cus I couldn't stop moving around and entertaining my friends. Haha. It's like a party in my room when I should be getting plenty of rest and recuperating from surgery. So I promised him no more visitors and I'll be good and rest well at home. His parents are sooo worried for me cus everytime they came to visit me id have plenty of guests and I refuse to sit down. I am happy my friends distract me from the pain from the c section wound though! Plus, moving around means blood circulation which means faster recovery right?

Oh and it's day 3, i still haven't washed my hair and taken a bath. The last time I did so was 18 Sep at 7pm. I can't wait to do that at home but am worried my wound would hurt. Maybe I'll only start bathing after I feel the wound is better? Would love to wash my hair later at home though! That is, if the confident  lady allows me to. I hope she's flexible and not strict. Hair is starting to feel oily and eekie already. 

Hello little bao!!!! I love you so so so much! Words cannot describe how happy i am to finally hold you in my arms. I am so thankful and blessed. :')

Some pretty flowers i received on Day 2! Day 1s stuff were brought back home by my bf so sorry i didn't post a pic of em, couldnt really walk much on Day 1.

 Thank you all for taking time to visit me in the hospital! Time passed so quickly, I really enjoyed the company of soooo many of y'all. LOVE YOU! I think the nurses were shocked at how many visitors i had and how energetic i was after a major op. I was moving around so much entertaining my guests. It was a celebration. So many friends were so excited because most of my friends don't have kids yet. Haha. But now it is time to get serious and start my confinement so my body won't fail in future (better to be safe than sorry). The older folks just gave me a lecture for not resting well. Shall listen to them and take the next 1-2 months to get plenty of rest. :)